publicado:  29/06/2015 12h02, última modificação:  29/06/2015 12h02

Continuing the program launched in August 2012, road concessions to the private sector will follow the auction model for the lowest toll rate.

Later this year, four projects should be auctioned: BR-476/153/282/480 / PR / SP; BR-163 / MT / PA; BR-364/060 / MT / GO and BR-364 / GO / MG.

The auction of the Rio-Niteroi Bridge (23 km), a project started in 2014, took place on the 18th of March. Six companies participated in the bidding. The winning bid offered a discount of 36% on the starting auction price. The new contract reduced the fare by R$ 1.50 – from R$ 5.20 to R$ 3.70.

The four auctions planned for 2015, coupled with the renewal of the concession for the Rio-Niterói bridge, should result in R$ 19.6 billion in investment.

Eleven new road projects, covering 4371 kilometers that should require R$ 31.2 billion n investment, are also planned in the second stage of the program. New investment in existing concessions is also expected in the order of R$ 15.3 billion. Renegotiation of terms of  concession contracts will be negotiated case by case.

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