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China-Brazil Fund

The Cooperation Fund is a mechanism established by the Secretariat for International Affairs of the Ministry of Planning, Development and Management of the Federative Republic of Brazil (SEAIN) and the China-LAC Industrial Cooperation Investment Fund Co., Ltd. (CLAIFUND) that will classify projects deemed as a priority by the Brazilian government in sectors of infrastructure, as well as in the other sectors covered by the MoU, and that can facilitate the cooperation of industrial capacity between Brazil and China. The Fund will primarily operate in Brazil, focusing on projects to be invested in Brazil as per the FUND’s regulation and guidelines.

The organizational structure of the Cooperation Fund is:
I. Steering Committee
II. Technical Working Group
III. Executive Secretary

The projects will be submitted through Consultation Letters. The Proponent will present the Consultation Letter in accordance with the requirements of this Handbook to the Executive Secretariat. The Technical Working Group will evaluate the Consultation Letters and submit a proposed classification of the Consultation Letters to the Steering Committee for final decision.

The projects classified by the Fund will be monitored in the pre-operational phase and will have a channel to facilitate the communication and resolution of problems between the interested parties, once one of them belongs to the federal government.

The projects classified as a priority by the Brazilian government in sectors of infrastructure and that can facilitate the cooperation of industrial capacity between Brazil and China will receive a Certificate, so that, if the project proponents choose to, they may request the financing or investment from the Potential Financiers.

The Certificate issued by the Cooperation Fund does not imply the right to receive financial contributions. Decisions on financing, investments and disbursements for projects shall be made by the Potential Financiers on a project by project basis, in accordance with their respective internal regulations and procedures, without any interference by the Steering Committee, TWG or the Executive Secretariat.

Investment Partnerships Program (PPI) projects

“Projects belonging to the portfolio of the Investment Partnerships Program (PPI) and expected to go through bidding process in 2018 can potentially be classified into the Fund with investments from financiers in both Brazil and China, if the project could facilitate the cooperation of industrial capacity between Brazil and China.

The bidding processes winners will have to submit the Consultation Letters related to these projects and the decisions by the Potential Financiers will follow their own standards in evaluating classified projects and determining financing or investment conditions.

In the case of other federal, state and municipal projects that are linked to bidding processes, the Consultation Letters must also be submitted by the winners of the events.”

For more information, please contact the Fund’s Executive Secretariat by the email address fcb@planejamento.gov.br.


Brasília - 22/08/2018 - On August 15th, the 3rd Regular Meeting of the Technical Working Group (TWG) of the Brazil-China Cooperation Fund for the Expansion of Production Capacity was held, with the purpose of preliminary analysis of projects. Based on current information, a positive consensus among the Chinese TWG and the Brazilian TWG members was reached. The 3rd Regular Meeting decision may represent a total investment worth USD 4 billion in infrastructure, if potential financiers approve it, after their economic and financial appraisal.

The next step is the analysis in greater detail by the financial institutions of both sides. After the projects reach the approval by a Brazilian and a Chinese financiers, the TWG will hold another meeting to make a final classification and eventually propose their approval to the Steering Committee of the Fund, for a final decision.